York, the Villainess, is a character from BadAsp's fanfic Total Drama Alpharama.

While some people sign up for Total Drama just for the experience, and some audition just so they can get their hands on a million-dollar cash prize, York volunteered to join for the purpose of, in her own words, "causing drama".

Though York is clearly not evil in real life (she's actually very popular at her school), she bases her strategy on some of the greatest villainesses of reality TV history... Jerri from Survivor, Rachel from Big Brother, and of course, Heather! She will, of course, be scheming and forming alliances while on Total Drama Alpharama, like any devious villainess would. As for whether she will be involved in a showmance or not, she isn't telling.

One thing, though, that makes her stand out from those other villainesses would be her bright red hair... she keeps several containers of hair dye with her at all times just so she can keep it like that.

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