Zac, labeled as The Attractive Host, appears in Total Drama Tides as host. As revealed in Total Drama Frozen , he is also one of the producers of Total Drama Seasons.

Zac Seasons
Relationship Hayden
Friends Mana (?)
Enemies Rhonda, Sarah, The Cast of Total Drama Frozen
Fear The Dark, Death
Talent Schmoozing


When Zac was little he was obsessed with Total Drama. He watched every episode with his younger sister. While a Canadian by blood, he spent his high school years in America, his parents hoped to better prepare him for the family business that way. It was in America that he met his current boyfriend, Hayden. After they graduated they promised to continue their relationship long-distance.

When he returned home, his parents announced their business had expanded and that they now held the rights to Total Drama in Canada. They gave Zac a seat as one of the producers for the upcoming season, Total Drama Tides.

Total Drama Tides

After being forced by the other producers to host the aftermath special in Total Drama Frozen, Zac was voted in by fans across the nation to host its sequel, Total Drama Tides - much to his displeasure. While he tried to get out of the job, he was forced into it. He hired Mana as an intern, and Rhonda as a co-host so she could prepare herself for her upcoming show, Total Drama Genesis.


  • Zac is somewhat based on the author.
  • Zac's nature of being ego-centric is meant to be similiar to Chris's hosting nature.
  • Zac's relationship with Hayden was not originally planned, but the author, with Rhonda decided it would be fitting. 
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