Zakeri, the Martial Artist, is a character from BadAsp's fanfic Total Drama Alpharama.

Zakeri was always bullied in elementary school. Picked on because of his ethnicity, Zakeri wanted to get back at the very people who picked on him. After he finished doing his school homework, he would sign up for karate and judo lessons, mainly for self-defence. No bully would ever get near Zakeri again.

His junior high school years and his high school years have been bully-free, but Zakeri still practices his martial arts after studies just in case. His favorite type of martial arts are the ones that don't have any weapons involved, like guns or knives, which are kind of not his thing.

Zakeri also signed up for Total Drama Alpharama because he feels his skills will really come in handy for challenges! And besides, who else is going to save his teammates from being mauled by a group of ferocious grizzly bears?

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