Gregarious Capybaras
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship None
Family Mother, father, younger sister,
Friends TBA
Enemies TBA
Fear Poisonous mushrooms, bad jazz,
Talent Gaming, writing, drawing
Zane, labeled The Hopeless Romantic, is a is a contestant on Total Drama: Lost in the Amazon. He is a member of the Gregarious Capybaras.


Zane is a pretty funny guy, known for being the class clown. He’s skipped a grade, and is currently living it up in college. He even hosts his own podcast with some of his friends, where they rank albums and talk about video games. Zane has a lot going for him. But the one thing he wants and doesn’t have? A relationship.

It's not that Zane hasn’t tried; he’s had his fair share of relationships and romantic encounters. Some were short and some were long. Some were messy, some were a dodged bullet, and some a mutual split. Right now, Zane is single and he really wants to change that.

Zane admits that when not in a relationship, he has a tendency to fall head over heels for someone. All it takes is a look in a girl’s eyes…and Zane has a new crush. He is a bit embarrassed of this trend, but can’t deny the feelings in his heart.

Despite his struggles, Zane knows there is someone out there for him. Zane has a romantic side he’s shy about sharing, but admits he wants someone he can treat nicely, enjoy similar things, and have serious talks with.

Zane was a fan of the original series back in elementary school and was eager to try out. He also knows that hot people are always cast, and occasionally people find love on these shows. He hopes this is his chance at finding the one.


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