Zeke is actually Ezekiel from TDI. He appears as a competitor in Total Drama Insanity, along with 21 other people. Zeke is one of the many players in TDIn to have competed in Total Drama Island

Murderous Mosquitoes
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "[[deja vu,anyone}]]"
Place 5th
Relationship Amy
Family Mom, Dad (names unknown)
Friends Matt, Amy, Spense, Tyler, Danny
Enemies Craig, Beth
Fear TBA
Talent TBA

Since TDI...

Since TDI, Zeke embraced the publicity that he once feared. He appeared on MTV as a star rapper and wrote a best-selling novel called Bottom of the Drama Chain about what it's like to be first to go in TDI. He also publicly renounced his sexism, got a shave, and got a new cool look by trading his old, heavy clothes for a custom-made outfit designed specifically for him. Not to mention that he started to go by "Zeke" instead of "Ezekiel" Overall, he changed the most out of all the TDIn veterans, possibly rivaled only by Tyler.

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